Time to make the GOALS!

5 Goals make before the END of the Year!

Turns out a lot of people and businesses take inventory of what is happening in their world and most will adjust or refocus their beginning of the year goals during 3rd quarter.

In reviewing this, which I kind of don’t do… I thought it would be a good idea to set new goals for myself (and share them with you) for things to accomplish before the end of the year.

Who’s with me?

Okay, let’s get started…

1. I will acquire a skill outside of my comfort zone.

We often gravitate to things we’re good at. Year after year, we rack up learning experiences in skills we actually love, leaving the trickier stuff for another day. These last few months of the year, we can commit to start some learning something new.

My first go at a new skill will be funnels… I have all the copy and graphic design skills and I am now ready to learn to put them to good use for my clients. I really have enjoyed Funnel Gorgeous and she makes it feel so fun and sexy… Yep!

Next, (I know…. ambitious) I have recently taken to learning about meditation and Mala Prayer beads… while not in my “daily field of work” I am excited to get started. To be honest, I chose this because it it WAY outside my comfort zone and seems a bit intimidating. so Why not?


2. I will participate in networking functions.

It’s time to expand the circle… I really contemplate this OFTEN. I am kind of an introvert and while I love people I just NEVER get out… so I am going to make it a point to get out and share what I do and learn more about the rest of the businesses. Connecting with the Georgetown Chamber, Georgetown Young Professionals and more…


3. I will ask for that raise.

Now… I realize I work for myself BUT I really sometimes need to evaluate my packages and my VALUE and give myself that raise. I have a heart for serving this community and it is easy to give free advice and free help but it is SO important to know the value in the service. SO… analyze your business and/or the value that you have in the business you work for and ASK. FOR. THAT. RAISE!

Oh, but also pay attention to the numbers… maybe do some market research too (wink, wink).


4. I will update my personal brand.

Whether we think we’re creating one or not, we’re all actively developing a personal brand. So, it’s seems fitting to embrace it and use it to further your goals.

Think across four dimensions of polishing up your persona. First, your foundational skills are the things that help get the job done.

Second, be sure your network is growing the way you WANT. Marketing to a target audience when they are ready to receive it.

Third, how’s your presence? From how we dress to how we present, this element goes a long way to conveying your message. My goal is to always be authentic. I do fluff or sugar coat anything for my clients and this is an important message that I want people to see.

Last, are your brand materials up to date? This means LinkedIn, Facebook, IG… all the things should be current, active and cohesive.


5. I will fit my career in my life, not the other way around.

And last, but arguably most importantly, let’s promise to not make our work world our whole world. While our jobs should be exciting enough to get us out of bed every day, our lives are made of so much more. I am going to assess and recommit to finding the balance in my my life   adjusting my work to fit around what is most important to me… plus who can resist these goobers!!

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