The Dirty Deets on Instagram!

Hey friends… I consider myself “expert” level when it comes to social media but I certainly feel like these two things are very important:

  1. Social Media is a growing living thing and it changes as much as a newborn baby SO…
  2. NEVER stop learning!

The past few weeks I spent some time brushing up with my favorite pod-casters on some recent changes and the THINGS happening inside the world of Instagram.

Here is what I learned about Instagram:


Engagement is KING

Engagement on Instagram is a bit different then what you typically see on Facebook. You have to capture attention with a photo and then you have to find a way to get people to comment and LIKE! So what do I do?

I work really hard on my graphics – follow branding and use as many authentic photos as I can.

Then, I spend time liking and commenting on the posts of my followers or even businesses that I may be targeting. I try to be as authentic as possible and actually pay attention to what is happening in my audience.

Your engagement will grow if you spend time intentionally growing it. You have to pay attention to how you are commenting and how you are pushing out your content.


Build your Audience Intentionally

Do you know exactly who your target customer is? Where to find them and what they want from you?

It is super important for you to pay attention to WHO you are selling to and WHAT you want them to buy. Once you have these pieces in place you can really push forward with specific imagery and marketing “campaigns”.

Putting all of this together will help you find ways to engage within that community and also boost your engagement.

Know YOUR audience

Now that you know your target audience, do you know what piques their interest?

There may be certain colors, or keywords that work best to help get them to engage. There may be photos and or offers that will push that seller to finally click through to your site and BUY!

When you have tested a few things and you find what works best, you’ll have a great system for tackling that audience.

Find the Perfect Hashtags

Hashtags are like magical Unicorns that bring an audience directly to your door. Make sure that you are going too big or too small. Find a happy medium and test them out. Once you have your unicorn you’ll know.

Tip 1: sometimes less is more – you don’t need 50 #’s to be seen
Tip 2: sometimes less is more – you do not want to be lumped into the 30 ba-jillion other posts but if there are only 10 posts it doesn’t have any followers… Happy medium



Additional tips:

Don’t ever get too comfortable with any specific thing on social media. Like I said earlier, Social media platforms are a living growing THING and what works today may not work in three months. Always pay attention and test new theories for getting more engagement and growing your following intentionally.

I have known people to “buy” their followers. While have more followers will increase your reach it doesn’t equate to “sales”. It will take some time to grow to the 1000’s of followers (I am now where near there yet) but it is always best to grow REAL followers. The ones that have or will buy and actually support you moving forward!


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