5 Important Checklists for your Business

As a restaurant manager I used checklists multiple times a day. I already knew the importance and ease of use when I walked into my own restaurant BUT creating and utilizing them for myself was a while new task

It can be daunting to go through the process of creating a list and adjusting it often until it is fully functional for your business.

In a restaurant you’ll have to be sure to separate your checklists for the front of house and back of house but the same process will ring true for each section.


Here we go friends, my top FIVE checklists for consistency and organization:

1. Cleaning Checklist

Now I am not saying that you aren’t “clean” or that you don’t know HOW to clean BUT after a long day or week it is important to have a list of the things IN your business that need to be cleaned and how often. For example:

  • Bathrooms – maybe these need to be twice a day in a restaurant but only once a week in retail
  • Windows – maybe once a month?
  • Dusting and floors?


2. Inventory Checklist

This is one of the KEY elements to your business. If you keep an inventory of any sort this is a necessity, not a “when I get to it” kind of thing, a MUST HAVE.

If you are a restaurant this is something that should be built along side your menu and ordering guide.

I have lots of tips on building and creating this particular checklist HERE!



3. Opening Checklist

This checklist and the closing checklist are really just built for consistency and procedure. Your staff needs to know the expectations you have for opening and be ready for the day. For example:

  • Move specific displays around
  • Organize
  • In a restaurant: make tea, coffee, set up tables
  • etc.

4. Closing Checklist

Same process here as the opening – As you walk through the business at the end of the day and close down – make a list. Document all the “little” things so they are not forgotten and the procedure is consistent. 


5. HR Checklist

This is going to be something for your manager or for you to utilize because hopefully you won’t have to do this very often. This will include hiring and disciplinary packets, training packets along with the policies and maybe a few other relevant HR tasks done daily or weekly.



Each checklist should be created along side your partners or managers to ensure that you don’t miss anything and make sure to check back often and update it as things change and grow in your business.

If you need help creating and organizing this lists, I am here for you, let’s chat! Having these lists available and using them often will create consistency, stability and ease for your business and thats what it is all about right? No sense in stressing when you don’t need to!


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