Top 7 “Boring Paperwork” for your Business!

Welcome back y’all!! Let’s dive right in!

As a business owner by now you know that the business is more than just the fun stuff.

About a week into the remodel of our restaurant I remember thinking… “Oh wait, I’m going to have to hire people, and actually print menus and stock up our inventory…”

It was about that time that I realized maybe I have bitten off a bit more than I could chew, BUT I had a dedicated family and an excellent training along the way so I just dug in my heels and got to work!

Here are my top 7 pieces of “boring paperwork” that are must have’s:

1. Employee Manual

It is super important to document the things that are important to you about your business expectations for your employees. This can be uniform, requesting time off work, disciplinary policies and more.

Once this is created, have a piece on the back for them to sign and you to sign acknowledging that both agree moving forward.

Hint: you keep the signed form and they keep the manual.

2. New Hire Packets

You’ll need to have organized files for each employee, starting with a “New Hire Packet”. This should include any necessary state documentation (drivers license, SS card etc.), a W4, an I9 and maybe that employee handbook mentioned in tip #1.
You can use these files moving forward to keep track of anything and everything for this employee.

3. Procedures

Each business will have very specific “things” that they utilize in their business that will have to be done a certain way. This may be by preference or necessity. Things like:

  • Hiring
  • Discipline
  • Cash Handling
  • Marketing or branding
  • etc.

4. Disciplinary Policies

A lot of businesses have less need for something like this but a business like a restaurant or retail location with associates will find have this documentation very important.

Create a process (ie: three write ups, one verbal and one written) and get it documented and added to your employee manual. It is important for you or your managers to have something to stick to BUT it is important for your employees to know the boundaries and when they’ve crossed them.


This should be a given but the reality is (and I have seen it) it’s not.

Get a schedule – either software like Hot Schedules or When I Work
OR create a template and stick to it. Have it ready two weeks in advance and make sure that you employees know that there is a procedure for “requesting off” work.

5. Invoicing

Whether you are taking in or sending out… have a way to track and organize your invoices. This will truly alleviate any stress that comes with any questions or payments.

5. Inventory

This is a BIG one! Especially for restaurants and big retail locations. I have seen a few businesses that have losing so much money because they aren’t tracking their inventory. It doesn’t have to be super complicated and you don’t HAVE to buy software. It could be as simple as creating a spreadsheet (add costs and par levels) and using it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
This will save you so much money and stress.

Want more tips on Inventory?

6. Checklists

Always make sure that you have documented checklists ready t use for your employees and managers once they are hired and trained! Create a routine for them and a set of expectations so they know exactly what you want them to do. This could include: opening, closing cleaning etc.

7. Accounting

Okay, this one is a little broad because it can be different for each business but for this topic I recommend having some kind of CURRENT Profit and Loss or Balance statement available for your managers or partners so that everyone know the goals and the numbers as they fall. This is something I recommend monitoring at least quarterly if not monthly!


To summarize, this is a list of the pieces I would recommend creating for your business to keep you consistent in your procedures. 

Business analysis package



There are definitely more specific pieces that may be needed for your specific business and if you’d like to schedule a Business Analysis we can dive into your business and take a look.

BUT, these are my main “things” that will help to create ease and simplicity in your business. Less stress is the name of the game. Focus on growth and opportunity!

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