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When I first started working in the inter-webs I had no idea what i was doing and I definitely had no idea what SEO even meant.

I promise if you are saying the same thing you are totally not alone, and lucky for you there are lots of geeks like me that love the work AND helping Local Businesses meet their MARK!!


So… here are some SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Ah-ha!) basic tips


Turns out that when you reference larger more trusted websites Google will boost your value. Use well known trusted sites and the more you use the better. This will help to increase your ranking and visibility. Check out the survey!


This one is basic but I don’t know that it immediately registered for me – Any Search engine wants to know that you are still out there.

So basically, regular updates and/or blog posts will show them you are still relevant! Look int creating different “types of content”

Meta-Descriptions and Headline

These pop up in the search engine titles and it is LITERALLY the first impression that people have of your site. Make it pretty!

Make sure that you are using Keywords here too! Buzzsumo found  that headlines containing certain phrases got more engagement on Facebook.

And there was more. Emotional headlines also make for more engagement. Curiosity, too.


Google has stated in the past that over 50 percent of searches come from mobile. It is going to be very important that you know your audience and how they are more likely to look for you.

Make sure that if they are searching on their phones or tablets that your site is optimized to handle it and show Google who’s BOSS!

User Experience

This refers to how viewers are reacting to your site. Google obviously wants to make sure that the clicks are valuable and if the user isn’t staying to read there’s a reason and Google doesn’t like that!

If it takes too long to load a page or the content isn’t consistent with the title and keywords then the user will not stay on your site. The more this is recognized by search engines the further down in ranking your site will go!

Need Help analyzing your site?? Let’s get some coffee and figure it out!

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Additional FUN:

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