Happy New Year

Happy January friends!!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all Happy New Year. You made it to 2019!

This only tip and trick I have for this particular post is to take a few minutes to do the following:

  • Be Grateful – for the ever growing and challenging opportunity to grow and learn

  • Be Mindful – of all the things happening around you… pay attention and listen with more than your ears

  • Be Kind – but seriously… just take a breath (even when it is a struggle) and just be nice

  • Be Gentle – with YOURSELF and all those around you (it is not easy doing life)


  • Be Present – you will only have this life ONCE… cherish it and be actively involved in living it.

Thank you for joining me on my new adventure when I began in 2018 and thank you for trusting, loving and encouraging me in my growth. I have an amazing community of friends and I am ever GRATEFUL for all of you!


Happy New Year!

Rebecca – Your Intrepid Catalyst

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