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Welcome back friends… Thank you returning to my blog and checking out these tips and tricks for improving your business!

I have been gathering some intel and have decided to start creating a few posts with useful tools, apps and gadgets that you can use to get yourself ORGANIZED!


This week we are going to look at:


I am kind of a GEEK for design work and creating imagery and even discovering complimentary colors.. but I know that isn’t the case for everyone!

When I was working for the Chamber I was tasked with creating some advertising tools for the Event Center. At the time I was like

“wait… I am the Business Manager… I work in numbers and spreadsheets and you want me to what?”

but then I discovered CANVA!!

Canva is a free tool for designing anything from business cards and flyers to Facebook banners and Instagram images.

They have pre-made templates that allow you to change colors and text to fit it to match your business. For example:



The first image is the template and the second image I have changed to match  my colors and to fit what I was trying to create. LOOK… I can even add my logo!!

AFTER – I used MY CMYK colors and changed the words for this post


Canva is super easy to use and SUPER versatile. This is what the “Create a Design” screen looks like and this is only a tiny sample of their templates.


Take some time to create your imagery making sure that you are using fonts and colors that match your business branding. It is so so important to remain consistent in your marketing and overall branding.

When you think about your branding think about the GIANTS in media… McDonald’s, Nike, Apple…

These companies are recognizable by their colors and fonts because their imagery was constantly consistent.
This is your goal!!

For those just getting started in their business or looking to create without fancy software purchases Canva is by far my favorite but I have also done some work with the following:

  • – similar to canva (on this one you can actually create web-friendly jpeg images which is super cool for simple logos)
  • – on this one you can create “clickable cards” good for adding outside links to your social media pages
  • – this is a great site to get info and images for marketing

Take some time to establish how you’d like to market and then go out into the inter webs and create, create, CREATE!!! Have fun you Extraordinary Entrepreneurs!

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