The Passion Behind the Catalyst

Happy Sunday friends!!

This particular blog post is going to be all about what I am doing and Why.

I spent this past week pondering and reviewing what would be happening with this business in the next few months… Dreaming and configuring and re-configuring. I am not sure that I can even explain how excited I am to be launching a business that will allow me to go back out into the community that I love and work with local businesses!! THIS. IS. THE. BEST!!!

The Goal for this venture is really multi-level and all very selfish… I miss people and I miss Local business!

The first real goal is to assist.
The reality of owning a local “small” business is pretty daunting and overwhelming but for the few entrepreneurs that jump right in and never give up it is all about PASSION. We find  beauty in buying products that are locally made and sourced and painstakingly put together. We find so much satisfaction in seeing a customer that agrees with your taste and selection. We feel so fulfilled when our customers come in and sample our food and say “it’s the best they’ve had since…”.

I have been a local business owner… I have taken a business that was failing and nearly went bankrupt and created something that made an amazing comeback and I packed it into a little package and sold it for just enough to pay the debt and take a deep breath…
I have a deep appreciation for local business and Downtown Georgetown and there is nothing that I wouldn’t consider to help assist a local business to perform better and/or allow an owner or manager to get a deep breath in (or a staycation) so that they can re-focus their attention where it is needed.

The goal is two-fold.
Efficiency and Affordability… I know what it feels like to know that I do not have the time to get everything done that needs to be done for my business BUT to also feel the burden of not being able to afford the extra parts to make it go smoother. It is a great desire of mine to be this for ALL businesses. Whether they are new or well established, every business could use efficiency and affordability almost all the time.

And lastly, I am doing this for ME! I am currently pregnant with baby No. 5 – I know I know we are totally insane – and I am looking to create the kind of opportunity for my family to be involved and stay involved in creating and living local! (And I am pretty excited to get to go on field trips and volunteer more often).

So now you know…

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