The Business of being SMALL

There is nothing small about owning and running a “Small” business and there were many days that I resented the term. As a Local Small Business owner you find yourself pulled in many different directions. Days when you’ll have your hands in marketing and advertising, accounting and budgeting and even making the pizza. Then, to top it all off, those of us who think we are big and brave decide to be super hero parents too. Each day we flop into our beds at 11pm (or later) and wonder where the day went and if everything was accomplished.


Stop what you’re doing right now… RIGHT NOW!

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. Okay, maybe not literally but the point is to take a moment to remind yourself that you are more than “just another small business owner”. You are amazing and what you do is HARD. We love you for putting yourself out there and for being the strong, and sometimes crazy, owners that you are.


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